The game autosave every 10 seconds.

Available soon!
Stay tuned!

Leaderboard can be buggy, report bugs at the latest thread on /r/incremental_games
Trollers or 'hackers' will be removed from the leaderboard!

v0.003 (2015/07/08)
  • Fixed some bugs.
    • Fixed a bug with Oxygen III upgrade.
    • Fixed some bugs with the leaderboard.
    • Fixed a bug with multiplier buy buttons and cell generation button.
  • Better UI.
    • Tabs are now larger.
    • Moved resources panel.
v0.002 (2015/07/07)
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.
    • Especially bugs related to the savegame and the tutorial. But also related to leaderboard.
  • Added a leaderboard.
    • New players can't take another player username. For example, if a new player want to take the name TotomInc, he can't because this username is already taken.
    • Cheaters on the leaderboard will be removed WITHOUT warning!
  • Added patch-notes, everything new will be added here.
  • Added an option to multiple-buy (x1, x10, x100, x1000).
  • Added a new build : water generator.
v0.001 (2015/07/05)
  • During the prototype stage, progress can be reset (intentionally) for testing purposes.

Did you found a bug?

Did you want to request a new feature to the game?

Do you want to contribute?

Well, you can always contact me personally using this email : totom7700@gmail.com
You can also use the GitHub repo of Universe-God here and create issues.
If you want to contribute and you are not familiar with GitHub, just create an account on GitHub, download their Windows software then click on the "Clone in desktop" button (on the right).
Any coding help is welcome! :)